Vendia Share1 Week POC

5 Daysto demonstrate proof of value

4 Hourswith our solution architects

3 Questionsto get started today

How It Works

  1. Day 1 - Kickoff Meeting
  2. Day 2-4 - Build & Iterate
  3. Day 5 - 1 Hour Demo

What You Get

In just five days, your organization can be on its way toward sharing data and code across regions, accounts, departments and partners. During our five day proof of concept, your team will work with Vendia Solution Architects to draft a data model and stand up your first Universal Application (uni). At the end of the week you will get:

  • Multi-Party data sharing with Vendia Share
  • The ability to quickly add new parties and users
  • Data-Governance Controls to influence Visibility and Access
  • A resilient global serverless architecture with no operational overhead to any party

Ready to get started?

Complete the form to speak with us about your organization's unique use cases. We would enjoy speaking with you about how our one week poc can kickstart a long-term relationship with Vendia Share.

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