Share CLI

Welcome to the Vendia Share CLI!

Install the CLI

To install the CLI, pop open your terminal and install with npm.

npm install @vendia/share-cli -g

Listing commands

To get a list of commands, run:

share help

To get a list of available sub-commands, arguments, and flags, run:

share [command] --help


share auth

Manage authorization & set current Vendia user

Sub commanddescription
auth loginLogin to Vendia user account
auth logoutLogout of Vendia user account
auth roleManage roles for users
auth role deleteDelete roles for users
auth role getGet role information
auth role listList roles for user
auth role setSet Roles for user
auth switchSwitch active Vendia account
auth whoamiDisplay active Vendia account

share file

Manage files in a Uni

Sub commanddescription
file addAdd a file
file getGet a file
file listList current files
file removeRemove a file
file updateUpdate a file

share login

Login to Vendia user account

share logout

Logout of Vendia user account

share node

Manage nodes in a Uni

Sub commanddescription
node getGet node configuration
node schemaGet node configuration
node updateUpdate node configuration

share uni

Manage Uni operations

Sub commanddescription
uni createCreate a new uni
uni deletePermanently delete a uni
uni getGet information about a given uni
uni inviteInvite a new node to join the Uni
uni joinJoin an existing Uni
uni listLists all unis in your account
uni openOpen a Uni in the vendia dev console
uni resetResets Uni to it's original state