Our mission

At Vendia, sharing is at the core of what we do. We envision a world where – through better sharing – people are freed to innovate and make a great impact on those around them.

Everyday we pursue our mission by building a revolutionary SaaS platform that unshackles customers from the burdens of IT, empowering them to focus on creating and running real-time data applications. Applications that are highly scalable, fault tolerant, cross-cloud, multi-account, multi-region, multi-party applications – and most importantly, applications optimized for securely sharing real-time data – ultimately to connect people to their most important information.

Join us!

Sharing isn’t just something we enable through technology. At Vendia, we share our best selves with one another. We believe that’s the best way to the best outcomes.

We are constantly on the lookout for kind humans who believe this too. Check out our careers if you want to share your expertise, your point-of-view, your ideas, your voice, your values, and your camaraderie – all aimed at unlocking a better future for our customers, partners, and each other.

We look forward to sharing that journey with you!

We’re hiring

Meet the team

Tim Wagner

Vendia CEO and co-founder

Shruthi Rao

Vendia CBO and co-founder

Brad Lucas

Sr.Software Engineer

Brett Andrews

Sr. Full Stack Developer

Brian McNamara

Sr. Solutions Architect

Dale Salter

Senior Software Engineer

Dan Vittegleo

Senior Software Engineer

David Brown

Principal Product Manager

David Wells

Sr. Full Stack Developer

Gavin Yue

Sr. Core Developer

Hailey Nevins

Head of Design

Jake Partusch

Sr. Full Stack Developer

James Gimourginas

Director of Solution Architecture and Customer Success

Kevin Durdle

Director of Engineering

Matt Silverstein

Sr. Full Stack Developer

Rory Jacob

Sr. Core Developer

Ryan Green

Sr. Core Developer

Ryan Scott Brown

Sr. Core Developer

Sekhar Mallipeddi

Managing Director, Travel and Hospitality

Tim Zonca

VP of Marketing

Vendia's ethos

Sameness and “least common denominator” approaches don’t work for people or companies. Vendia comes from Venn Diagram, reflecting our focus on sharing and on bringing together the best of what’s come before. Companies, data, and people are strongest when they work together effectively and harmoniously, while also retaining their individuality.

Vendia - Share to succeed!


Our Investors

BMW Ventures
Canvas Ventures
Correlation Ventures
Firebolt Ventures
Floodgate Ventures
Future Perfect Ventures
WestWave Capital

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