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Blockchain is disrupting every industry vertical—could business travel be next? Join two blockchain experts, Shruthi Rao of Vendia and Johnny Thorsen of Spotnana, in this session to learn about blockchain’s potential in the travel industry.
Q+A: How serverless and cloud enable scalable blockchains Get key takeaways from our webcast featuring AWS Serverless Hero Dr. Peter Sbarski’s interviewing Dr. Tim Wagner, Vendia’s co-founder and the inventor of Serverless and AWS Lambda
Understanding real-time data lakes Data lakes enable smarter apps and faster development. Let’s look at the basics of data lake architecture, use cases, benefits, and challenges
Why blockchains, databases, and APIs can’t cut it on their own Why sharing real-time data across apps, companies, clouds, geographies, and stacks is difficult and expensive
Ask the expert: Dr. Tim Wagner explains why APIs break down and how to fix your data inconsistencies with smart APIs With the rise of SaaS companies, APIs aren’t just part of your business, they are the business. Take a deep dive on all things API with Vendia co-founder & “The Father of Serverless,” Dr. Tim Wagner.
What is operational data sharing? Data systems share operational data to monitor the machinations of daily business. Let’s look at four unique use cases and compare it to analytical data.
What does a "lean app" mean for teams? A look at the lean app approach to development: The principles, features, and benefits that enable better team collaboration, products, and business results.
Elements of a real-time data sharing solution Real-time data sharing needs to grapple with increasingly decentralized data. Here are some elements to focus on when looking for a modern data sharing solution.
Webcast: How to build an enterprise blockchain with serverless Learn how Tim Wagner, founder of AWS Lambda, built a serverless, enterprise-ready blockchain.
The 10 data modeling techniques every Vendia user should know Step up your data modeling game to get the most value from Vendia Share.
Applying Vendia Share smart contracts Examples of real-time data validation, computation, and enrichment
Improve your data mesh with real-time data sharing Organizations exploring a data mesh should also consider exploring the benefits of integrating a real-time data sharing solution like Vendia Share
Announcing Synchronous Mutations for Vendia Share Building applications on Vendia Share just got a lot easier! Today, we are excited to announce the ability to execute synchronous mutations on Vendia Share.
Multi-party data sharing with control How Vendia Share's access controls enable trusted and secure real-time data sharing among partners
Real-Time Cross-Cloud Data Sharing Event-driven processing using Vendia Share's new Azure capabilities
Schema Evolution Exploring the ability to update the data model in a Universal Application (Uni)
Vendia's Response to CVE-2021-44228 A note on the impact to Vendia and our customers
Announcing Azure support, smart contracts, and new pricing plans for Vendia Share Today, we are excited to announce a new set of features for Vendia Share to further help developers build secure, decentralized data applications. Let’s jump into some of the new features.
Authenticating Vendia Share Requests Using SAML Learn how to use existing SAML identity providers to work with Vendia Share
Website Case Studies Learn what Vendia customers and partners are building on the Share platform
Open Beta Changes Changes to Vendia Share in advance of the Open Beta
Five Leadership Practices of an Ultramarathoner How to win the long game, as demonstrated by Kevin Durdle, Vendia's Ultramarathoner and Director of Software Development
Toward a Distributed Application Maturity Model A Maturity Model to help you assess the strengths and weaknesses of the distributed applications used by your organization.
Vendia's Inspiring Vision Vendia will cause a paradigm shift that will impact many distributed solutions, which is what attracted me to join the team.
Vendia Named a 2021 Gartner Cool Vendor in Cloud Computing Vendia is included in Gartner's May 2021 Cool Vendors in Cloud Computing report
Announcing the Vendia Share Developer Preview! Vendia is excited to announce the launch of our Developer Preview release for Vendia Share, enabling developers to experience the platform at no cost. Vendia is also pleased to announce the completion of our Series A investment, led by Canvas Ventures.
Vendia Announces Series A Investment Vendia is excited to announce the completion of a $15.5M Series A investment, led by Canvas Ventures with participation from BMW i Ventures, Sorenson Ventures, and our existing seed investors
Understanding Decentralization in the Cloud In this post we explore how to think about the concept of decentralization in the cloud, and what it means from a trust and ownership perspective.
STAMTI: A New Model for Delivering Cloud-based Services In this post learn more about STAMTI (single-tenanted accounts on multi-tenanted infrastructure) and how it enables companies like Vendia to deliver services that are simultaneously easy for customers to adopt and use while still being secure, operationally isolated, and cost efficient.
Meet Vendia's founders Meet Tim Wagner Vendia's CEO and Shruthi Rao Vendia's Vendia CBO
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