Vendia Share

Share data and code with partners in real time, without giving up control.

Synchronize data across multiple parties & clouds at 93% cost savings.

Use Cases

Multi-party, cross-cloud, cross-account data sharing
Multi-party, cross-cloud, cross-account data sharing

You don’t live in a single account or on a single cloud and neither do your business partners. If it’s not multi-account, multi-region, multi-company, and multi-platform, it’s not a real solution. Incoming data from an SAP job on Oracle that needs to be reflected in a partner’s AWS account and then stored in an Azure database by a third-party vendor? We have you covered.

Real time data for real time forecasting
Real time data for real time forecasting

Working with multiple parties demands data that is consistent, complete, and up-to-date for everyone to ensure accurate analytics, power AI/ML, and enable real-time business decisions, supply chain optimization, demand planning, and logistics management. APIs just can’t cut it.

Autonomous supply chains to predict supply and demand
Autonomous supply chains to predict supply and demand

Aggregate massive amounts of real-time data with full lineage and fine-grained access control with your upstream suppliers. Share the intelligence required to automate policy compliance and get accurate demand signals at a channel or store level with your downstream partners, while retaining control of key information.

Track and Trace

Are you struggling with supply chain visibility?

Looking for a better way to track goods and trace errors in real-time, across all your partners?

Vendia Share accelerates your capabilities for tracking goods and tracing errors in real-time with data that tells a story through complete lineage.

Watch how you can solve crucial supply chain problems with Vendia Share.

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Deploy production-grade distributed apps in five minutes

Create a multi-party distributed app from a schema - no coding skills required. Leverage existing systems of record with ease.

Scales up, Scales down

Scales to hundreds of thousands of transactions with zero effort

Scales when you need it, while transaction-based pricing ensures that when you’re not doing work, you’re not paying.

No Ops Headaches

100% Serverless implementation eliminates the IT burden

No 24x7 ops crews. No complicated and risky deployments. No hard-to-learn languages. Go from idea to POC in a week!

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