Share real-time data.Build universal apps.

Vendia is a serverless platform for data-driven, cross-cloud, multi-party apps – minus the complexity of DIY APIs and traditional data exchanges.

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Powerful platform for universal apps

Create universal apps – highly scalable, fault tolerant, cross-cloud, multi-account, multi-region, multi-party applications – without having anything more than a JSON schema.

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Real-time data. Full-time governance.

Quickly connect users and partners so they can view, update, and share real-time data while ensuring enterprise-grade scale, consensus, control, and governance.

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Bridge every cloud. Give partners choice.

You can’t control where your partners go, but you can make every choice possible. You pick your cloud, your partners pick their clouds, and we bring it all together.

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Zero IT overhead

Deliver new apps, add partners in minutes, and keep your data available and safe at any scale – all without deploying and managing infrastructure.

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Gartner Cool Vendor 2021

“A multicloud strategy is becoming inevitable for most global enterprises, but it brings security, integration, cost and governance challenges. CIOs should assess these Cool Vendors that are disrupting the cloud market through robust multicloud implementation products.”

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Pricing you won't outgrow

Whether you’re a single developer or part of the Fortune 50, Vendia is a self-scaling, fault-tolerant, worldwide-deployed cross-cloud platform you’ll never outgrow. Plus, our pricing makes it easy to add all your partners to the apps you create with Vendia.

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Proven success across use cases

From tracking-and-tracing inventory across the supply chain, to settling multi-party transactions, Vendia supports use cases for organizations that need to share sensitive data.

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Universal apps across industries

From airline fares and schedules to auto parts and chassis, Vendia helps companies with rapidly changing data and heterogeneous sharing patterns. And because business data is sensitive, Vendia makes access controls, privacy, and governance easy for all parties.

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Accelerate modern design patterns

Whether you’re a seasoned engineer modernizing legacy applications, or you're just getting started building your first universal app, Vendia helps you gain leverage and accelerate modern design patterns – from GraphQL APIs generated from data models and event-driven programming, to zero-ops managed services, and more.

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