Accelerate innovation. Unlock revenue.

Spend time on outcomes that matter, not pointless tech drudgery.

Accelerate innovation, so your team’s time, energy, and infrastructure spend goes towards innovation and competitive differentiation – not on babysitting infrastructure, and other undifferentiated heavy lifting.

Deliver dynamic, personalized experiences

Move away from out-of-date, batch processed data, and bring customers a fast, personalized experience.

Give customers instantaneous settlements, personalized offers, up-to-date information – powered by a serverless distributed ledger.

Rapidly build real-time data applications & integrations

Deliver next-gen data sharing solutions in record time.

Security built-in

Security built-in

All data is encrypted at rest and in motion, and everything is ledgered and auditable.

Fast time-to-market

Fast time-to-market

Deploy production-grade applications and integrations in weeks, not quarters.



With 70k TPS and millisecond-level reads, you get the speed required for sharing real-time data, at scale, with partners around the world.

Single source of truth

Single source of truth

Deliver a single source of truth across applications, datastores, geographies, clouds, and partners.

Why do so many data sharing projects fail?

Join co-founder Shruthi Rao for a discussion on why most blockchain projects fail.

She highlights how blockchain-as-a-service helps teams build scalable, trusted, data sharing networks. A must-watch for any teams considering blockchain or distributed ledger projects.

Let us help you succeed

Contact us and we'll help you deliver a working proof-of-concept of your real-time data sharing app, including a partner integration, in five business days.

Let us help you succeed in sharing. For free. In a week.

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