Introducing Universal AppsUnis are serverless, distributed, and vendor neutral


1/10th the cost of conventional apps
Scales automatically
Zero Ops SaaS model
Built-in state


Built-in ledger

Vendor neutral

Disruption-free integration
Supports on-prem APIs and data
Built-in web and mobile support

What can you build with Unis?

Serverless apps that span vendors and operate on long lived state
Cloud Services that run multi-primary in multiple regions
Account-spanning data lakes to power AI/ML and deep analytics
APIs that keep data consistent across clouds and companies
Supply-chain transparency "track and trace" applications

Getting Started with Unis is Easy!

Model your data using JSON Schema. Decide which public clouds and accounts should have access.
Call the Vendia Share API In under 5 minutes, it turns your schema into a production solution for each account.
Hook up message queues, databases, streams, REST or GraphQL APIs, mobile and web clients with ease.

Think Outside the Blocks

Vendia was inspired by the goals of blockchains but disappointed by their dismal performance, expensive deployment, and poor enterprise integration.

Vendia Unis are a cloud native approach to distributed ledgers and apps:

Secure and consistent

Fully ACID, transactional updates keep data consistent across regions, clouds, and companies. Secure encryption and hash mechanisms protect the integrity of data at rest and in flight automatically.

Schema-driven, zero ops

Turn a JSON schema into an at-scale, production solution in under 5 minutes with one API call. No servers or containers to manage, ever. High-level services keep you focused on business, not infrastructure.

High performance, no storage limits

Unis are built from serverless resources that scale without bound. Enjoy optimal cloud performance with NoSQL databases, GraphQL engines, Serverless smart contracts, and more. Full operational isolation for every account.

Tamperproof history

An integrated log replicated in each node provides a cryptographically tamperproof, fully auditable ledger of every change. Separate accounts per node ensure firewalled protection on every public cloud.

No learning curve, standards based

Write unis in your preferred language using serverless functions in the cloud - no need to learn Solidity or other new languages. Use GraphQL for updates and queries. Hook up mobile clients in minutes.

Secure channels and private repos

Need more control over who can read and write data? Secure channels let you limit access and private repos enable collaboration with a subset of participants.

Easy and fast integration

Connect APIs, databases, messaging platforms, and streaming data in hours rather than months. Work with every public cloud and on-prem systems via APIs and connectors.

Rich media and large file support

Need to share and store gigabyte-sized files? No problem - they enjoy the same versioning, ledgering, and tamperproof security as strings and numbers.