Understanding Polycloud

How Enterprises are tackling the reality of multi-partner, multi-cloud applications and data design

A new enterprise architecture known as Managed Polycloud affords enterprises of all sizes the ability to avoid undifferentiated heavy lifting, allowing them to rapidly build applications that easily span companies, clouds, regions, and technologies without the challenges and risks of tackling multi-cloud on their own.

In this white paper, we explore:

  • How to effectively leverage the best the cloud has to offer, including powerful, and often proprietary services that offer fully managed compute, rich database functionality, or tailored AI/ML capabilities—without replatforming
  • Strategies for adopting a Polycloud approach, it’s benefits, and its challenges
  • Anti-patterns of multi-cloud, such as the modern Shadow IT problem of Accidental Multi-cloud and "Commodity Cloning"
  • When cloud vendor redundancy is required, and when and why it should be avoided
  • How innovative vendors like Vendia and Snowflake are creating solutions that enable companies to create enterprise-grade solutions without the historical challenges of paying for on-prem data centers, managing servers, or learning Kubernetes.

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