What is Vendia?

Vendia Share is a SaaS service that makes it easy for companies and organizations to share code and data across clouds, regions, accounts, and technology stacks.

Tim Wagner, Vendia co-founder and CEO, explains how Vendia helps companies set up multi-party networks and start sharing data in minutes.

We believe sharing data with partners should be easy, fast, and fun... because no one wakes up looking to collect data.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Vendia Share is a SaaS service that makes it easy for companies and organizations to share code and data across clouds, regions, accounts, and technology stacks.
Vendia’s customers use Vendia Share to tackle complex supply chain integration challenges, create financial settlement applications, automate parts tracking, and deliver other IT solutions that span business, departmental, or technological boundaries.
Before Vendia Share, companies needing consistent, complete, and up-to-date business data spanning organizations had to make a difficult choice: Spend an inordinate amount of time and money building bespoke, in-house solutions, adopt and integrate complex technologies such as Ethereum and Solidity, or restrict their aspirations to legacy ERP offerings. Now, with Vendia Share, companies can deploy cross-cloud, cross-account, cross-region, and cross-party solutions in minutes with no infrastructure to worry about. Vendia’s architecture is Serverless, SaaS, and fully decentralized, and includes a built-in distributed ledger. No other offerings provide this combination of convenience, cloud-native solutions, ease of integration, operational isolation, strong security, unlimited storage scalability, and enterprise readiness.
Vendia Share’s flexible data platform makes it easy to store any kind of business data, as well as files, including multimedia files, documents in PDF and other formats, spreadsheets, Parquet files, and much more. Vendia Share supports data expressed as JSON and files up to 1 GB in size, and offers transactional semantics for all data types, including files.
Vendia Share compiles your data model into a cloud-based distributed data platform customized to your model, and then deploys a powerful, fully managed HTTPS-based GraphQL engine for reading and writing your data that provides full type checking.
Vendia Share is used by a wide array of customers, from large enterprises to small businesses to non-profit organizations. Anyone who needs to share data - whether internally across departments or externally across business relationships - can benefit from Vendia Share’s ease of use and scalable security.
Unlike some SaaS businesses, Vendia Share doesn’t keep a copy of your data in a single, shared (“centralized”) database. Instead, you and your business partners are given unique cloud-based resources, with every participant having its own complete, separate copy of the data. This provides operational isolation, offering each party full control over its copy of the data and complete flexibility with regards to how their copy of the data is integrated with other parts of their application and IT infrastructure. Any update made by any party is guaranteed to be updated in real time to all other parties, so that despite having their own copies, data seen by all parties is guaranteed to be correctly replicated and tamperproof.
Yes! Vendia Share was architectured from the ground up to provide customers with all the benefits of a cloud-native approach: Cost efficient pay-per-use pricing, no infrastructure to maintain, built-in fault tolerance, unlimited storage capabilities, and automatic scaling. Those benefits apply to all users of Vendia Share, whether the rest of their application runs on servers, containers, or even an on-prem mainframe.
Vendia Share is designed to be powerful but also easy to learn and use. Vendia Share uses simple HTTPS-based APIs, offers modern GraphQL and JSON-based data formats to accelerate building web and mobile applications, and integrates seamlessly with existing cloud services. Even advanced features, such as event handlers, data triggers, and smart contracts, can be quickly learned and easily applied by any developer, without the need to learn new languages or complex APIs.
Just like you would with a conventional database table, you provide a data model, in the form of a JSON Schema, that defines the “shape” of your data (its columns, in SQL terms). In a few minutes, Vendia Share’s proprietary schema compiler converts your data model in a multi-participant cloud-native deployment, complete with a custom API that matches your data model and a custom data exploration UI that you can use to update and query your data. Calling the API to make updates is easy - the hard work of accurately replicating data across regions, accounts, and/or owners is all handled automatically for you. And every Vendia application includes advanced features like identity and authentication mechanisms, event notification, and GraphQL subscription support, eliminating the undifferentiated heavy lifting associated with building cloud-based applications.
Most customers who use Vendia Share for multi-party data sharing got started with just their own deployment. While a decision maker (or “leader”) sometimes has the right to force a decision on other parties, often they lead by example, using their implementation to illustrate the cost savings, monetization opportunities, and simplified IT outcomes to recruit business partners to participate. Vendia Share also excels at incremental adoption. For example, a financial settlement company might adopt Vendia Share to modernize legacy approaches, such as secure FTP (sFTP). Over time its business partners also adopt Vendia Share, eventually creating a single source of truth that lowers cost and complexity for all parties. At every stage of an application’s evolution, Vendia Share can reduce costs, improve transparency, and grow business applications towards scalable, cloud-based solutions.
Yes! Vendia Share isn’t just for multi-party data sharing; you can also use it to share data across departments or within a multi-region application. Adding or removing a region or cloud service provider account from a Vendia Share-based application couldn’t be easier, and takes just a couple of lines of configuration to accomplish. Vendia’s implementation handles the rest.
Vendia Share provides a code-free integration solution for popular cloud services, such as supplying updates through Amazon SQS and responding to change events through AWS Lambda, SQS, web hooks, and more. Developers can simply issue a configuration update request - all the infrastructure updates are then fully automated by Vendia. Vendia refers to this approach as “Infrastructure as Data”. All configuration updates are all also audited and logged by default. The same technique can also be applied to supported third-party services, such as Datadog.
Yes - Vendia Share supports GraphQL subscriptions, enabling every participant to build real-time web, mobile, and event-based (asynchronous) systems. Developers can also take advantage of Vendia Share’s powerful eventing mechanisms that also include sending data updates to webhooks, cloud (serverless) functions, and queues.
Unlike traditional technologies that can take months of time to demonstrate proof of value, Vendia Share can be used in a one-week POC that illustrates custom data models and APIs, scalable, production-grade deployments, enterprise and web/mobile client integration, and much more. Vendia Share’s schema-driven design and Infrastructure-as-Data solutions make it easy to get started and easy to evaluate...even for teams without the time to write code or perform complex deployments!
Vendia Share’s Serverless architecture and schema-driven design dramatically lower the time and complexity of deployments, reducing the typical number of developers required for a multi-party data sharing application from dozens to as little as a fraction of a person. With no infrastructure to manage, scale, or maintain and fully automatic data transfer and storage expansion, much of the traditional deployment, development, and operational overhead disappears. Per-transaction pricing also ensures that costs track usage, unlike traditional server-based solutions that require each party to deploy capacity scaled to peak needs. Vendia Share’s intelligent data copying and distribution mechanisms also help customers save money...and the larger the data being distributed, the greater the savings.

The Vendia Share Developer Preview is available on AWS in us-east-1, us-east-2, us-west-2, sa-east-1, eu-west-1, eu-west-2, eu-central-1, ap-northeast-1, ap-northeast-2, ap-south-1, ap-southeast-1, and ap-southeast-2.

Enterprise customers: Please contact sales@vendia.net to discuss your CSP and region availability needs in more detail with a Vendia representative

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