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From automotive supply chains to airline ticketing, companies across industries securely share sensitive data with real-time data apps.

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Travel & Hospitality

Travel & Hospitality

Airlines and their partners lose billions on undifferentiated and cumbersome processes in order to ensure accurate fares, inventories, schedules, loyalty transactions, settlements and more. Coordinating data orchestration from airlines to partners, and from governing bodies back to airlines, is a massive drag on every airline across the industry.

Vendia helps take these well-defined, safe, but expensive processes and lets technology do the undifferentiated heavy lifting. With Vendia fare, schedule, loyalty, and ticket updates happen in-real time, automatically, with proof of data accuracy, lineage and compliance.

SaaS Startups

SaaS Startups

Too many startups struggle to get to product-market fit soon enough – getting bogged down building out infrastructure and the data layer required to run a real app. From staffing engineers and defining data models to DIY API development and infrastructure deployment, buiding out backends is no small task. And it’s almost always undifferentiated work.

Startups rely on Vendia as their backend cloud. Rather then spinning cycles on backend development, provisioning, and maintenance, let Vendia provide your data layer as a service. Just bring your data model and we’ll automaticeally generate your APIs, spin up, and run the right underlying infrastructure for you.



From tracking-and-tracking across supply chains, to orchestrating real-time data for connected vehicles, auto manufactures and their partners rely on rapidly changing data and heterogeneous sharing patterns.

Vendia helps companies like BMW and Rolls Royce – plus their partners – safely share data in rea-time. Vendia’s serverless ledger capabilities ensure provenance, accuracy, and control across the entire partner ecosystem. And because business data is sensitive, Vendia makes access controls, privacy, and governance easy for all parties.



Not-for-profits like and Best Friends Animal Society look to Vendia to help them connect people to the information they need – from promoting equity through better information sharing, to returning lost pets to their humans faster.

Vendia’s low code backend helps organizations focus on their mission, empowering them to create applications to share real-time data without wasting valuable resources on expensive infrastructure and complex DIY APIs.

Healthcare & Biotech

Healthcare & Biotech

Even the most modern applications must follow traditional protocols and connect to legacy databases. Vendia helps healthcare and biotech organizations automate heterogenous sharing patterns across patients, providers, and affiliates – connecting to new and established datastores. Plus, since Vendia is delivered as a service, customers get privacy, governance, and access control built right in.

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