Vendia Service Terms

Updated April 27, 2020

  1. You agree to abide by the laws, regulations, and policies of all government bodies and agencies with applicable jurisdiction over the nodes in your chain(s). You agree that we may take any steps we deem necessary to comply with a govenment order applicable to code, data, or applications we deploy or operate on your behalf.

  2. You agree to take all necessary steps to abide by, and remain in compliance with, GDPR and any other applicable data or customer privacy laws if you store such data (or code that operates on such data) using Vendia.

  3. You agree your communications with Vendia regarding your applications, data, usage, billing, and all other matters will be accurate and complete.

  4. You agree to follow any technical, operational, or development guidelines issued by Vendia with respect to interacting with our service and APIs.

  5. You agree not to engage in DDOS, "pen tests", security vulnerabilty testing, stress, or benchmark testing, or other forms of usage outside of normal development and production use without written permission from us.

  6. If you upload code (such as a smart contract) to our service, you agree that you have, and can provide upon request to us or our agents, clear license and title to use the software in that manner. Similarly, for any data you upload or modify you agree you are not in violation of content, usage, or other licenses, restrictions, laws, copyrights, or regulations through the creation, possession, or usage of such data. You agree to remove content in violation of these terms within two business days if we notify you and you further agree that we can take any action after that time (but are not responsible to do so) to bring any code or data provided by you into compliance with applicable laws, regulations, or CSP agreements.

  7. In the event of a serious security or operational event, you agree to reasonable and timely cooperation to prevent damage to Vendia or its customers by applying patches, upgrading services, or similar activities when directed by us.

  8. If you use any Vendia code marked as "alpha", "beta", "prerelease", "demo", "prototype", "early access", or "test" you must agree to additional terms governing its use. You agree we may modify or terminate such releases at our discretion and without notification. You agree that features, functionality, operational behaviors, and other aspects of such releases are not a representation by Vendia that an eventual production release will occur or the content of such a release if it does occur.

  9. You agree to prompt and full payment of Vendia charges and that we may suspend your use of our service if your account is in arrears by more than 30 days.

  10. In the course of deploying and using Vendia's products and services you may need to provision, deploy, or operate additional public cloud services and resources for which you will be billed directly. You agree to abide by the terms of the cloud vendor service agreement (and any other applicable agreements) and to financial responsibility for your use of those services. You explicitly agree that Vendia's interaction with such services, such as calling their APIs or adding or modifying data in them, does not alter your financial responsibility or create any financial responsibility on the part of Vendia.