Release Notes

Recent Features

  • Vendia Share is now a SaaS-based service. If you have used a previous ("packaged") release of Vendia, please plan to migrate to the SaaS-based offering.
  • Vendia Share now offers the ability to run multiple nodes (and multiple unis) associated with a single cloud service provider account.
  • Vendia Share now supports domain namespaces: Contact Vendia to claim a custom namespace like instead of the basic global namespace.

Recent Bug Fixes

  • Empty resources in the _UniInfo type have been removed.

Known Limitations

  • Listing will display only the unis for which the calling account is associated with a node, not all unis owned by the user making the call.
  • Dynamic node additions are a beta feature; please contact Vendia to have this feature enabled in your account.

Known Issues

  • Some error messages may cause the beta version of the CLI to report a "not a GraphQL response" instead of properly displaying the error message.