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Our mission

Our mission

At Vendia, sharing is at the core of what we do. We envision a world where – through better sharing – people are freed to innovate and make a great impact on those around them.

Everyday we pursue our mission by building a revolutionary SaaS platform that unshackles customers from the burdens of IT, empowering them to focus on creating and running real-time data applications. Applications that are highly scalable, fault-tolerant, cross-cloud, multi-account, multi-region, multi-party applications – and most importantly, applications optimized for securely sharing real-time data – ultimately connect people to their most important information.

Kind humans work here.

Kind humans work here.

You know that feeling, where you hate coming into work because you know ... That Person will be there. The one who makes your life miserable. Who makes you feel like you’re not worthy. Who finds ways to turn what should be a professional and enjoyable work environment into a nightmare. And yet, you can’t get away from them, because they’re a VP or an early employee or considered “too important to upset"

Well not at Vendia. We believe life is too short to work with people who make us, or the people who work with us, miserable. To work at Vendia, we insist that all employees sign and live our Kind Human Policy

Join us!

Join us!

Sharing isn’t just something we enable through technology. At Vendia, we share our best selves with one another. We believe that’s the best way to the best outcomes.

We are constantly on the lookout for kind humans who believe this too. Check out our careers if you want to share your expertise, your point-of-view, your ideas, your voice, your values, and your camaraderie – all aimed at unlocking a better future for our customers, partners, and each other.

We look forward to sharing that journey with you!


“These words are not empty - kindness really matters at Vendia. The way we treat each other - the way we look after each other with kindness - is genuine.”- Brian McNamara, Sr. Solutions Architect at Vendia

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