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Real-time “everything” with operational and analytics data Break down the walls between operational and analytics for real-time data sharing, starting with a shared love language to translate between JSON and SQL.
How Atos streamlined the reinsurance process and built trust among financial services partners Atos adopts Vendia to create a single source of truth across reinsurance partners and lauds low code development and distributed ledger design.
Introducing developer-friendly pricing with our new Individual Plan Vendia Share announces a new developer-friendly pricing model for individuals with features including cross-cloud data sharing and an immutable ledger for all transaction.
When CRUD APIs aren't enough: How custom models and smart APIs create better data sharing solutions Custom modeling and standard access platforms come together to make next-gen business APIs.
Q+A: Understanding Vendia Share’s approach to file sharing In Part 3 of our series on file sharing, we answer the top questions asked about controlled file sharing for enterprises and real-time file sharing outcomes for enterprises.
Why public cloud services aren’t enough for file sharing With over a decade and a half in production, why hasn’t the industry solved the problem of multi-party, multi-cloud file sharing?
Use cases for secure, ad-hoc data lakes with multi-cloud and multi-party file sharing Understand the sharing scenarios for multimedia and data-centric files across organizations, regions, and clouds in healthcare, automotive, semicon, and construction
The basic building blocks of Vendia Share How Vendia Share combines API, operational database, and blockchain technology to resolve the limitations of each and deliver serverless, real-time data sharing at scale
Venn diagramming Vendia Share How to combine blockchain, database and API technology for enterprise-grade data sharing without sacrificing security or data governance
Q+A: How serverless and cloud enable scalable blockchains Get key takeaways from our webcast featuring AWS Serverless Hero Dr. Peter Sbarski’s interviewing Dr. Tim Wagner, Vendia’s co-founder and the inventor of Serverless and AWS Lambda
Announcing Synchronous Mutations for Vendia Share Building applications on Vendia Share just got a lot easier! Today, we are excited to announce the ability to execute synchronous mutations on Vendia Share.
Why we combined GraphQL and a serverless distributed ledger Learn why Vendia selected GraphQL as Vendia' Share's primary interface and how it can improve your development experience with Vendia Share with context from Brian McNamara, Sr. Solutions Architect.
Applying Domain Driven Design (DDD) to blockchains Discover 4 DDD Patterns for your next distributed ledger or permissioned private blockchain created on the Vendia Share data platform with insights from Vikrant Kahlir, Tech Lead for Data and Web3.