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Real-time “everything” with operational and analytics data Break down the walls between operational and analytics for real-time data sharing, starting with a shared love language to translate between JSON and SQL.
Where blockchain fits into your data and application strategy Get our new guide for innovation leaders and developers in the financial services industry. It features an in-depth use case for real-time, multi-party data sharing in mortgage servicing.
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Why public cloud services aren’t enough for file sharing With over a decade and a half in production, why hasn’t the industry solved the problem of multi-party, multi-cloud file sharing?
Venn diagramming Vendia Share How to combine blockchain, database and API technology for enterprise-grade data sharing without sacrificing security or data governance
Understanding real-time data lakes Data lakes enable smarter apps and faster development. Let’s look at the basics of data lake architecture, use cases, benefits, and challenges
Why blockchains, databases, and APIs can’t cut it on their own Why sharing real-time data across apps, companies, clouds, geographies, and stacks is difficult and expensive
Ask the expert: Dr. Tim Wagner explains why APIs break down and how to fix your data inconsistencies with smart APIs With the rise of SaaS companies, APIs aren’t just part of your business, they are the business. Take a deep dive on all things API with Vendia co-founder & “The Father of Serverless,” Dr. Tim Wagner.
Improve your data mesh with real-time data sharing Organizations exploring a data mesh should also consider exploring the benefits of integrating a real-time data sharing solution like Vendia Share
Multi-party data sharing with control Learn how Vendia Share's access controls enable trusted and secure real-time data sharing among partners across clouds with insights from our Solutions Architecture team.
Real-Time cross-cloud data sharing Understand event-driven processing using Vendia Share's new Azure capabilities with insights from James Gimourginas, Director of Solution Architecture and Customer Success.
Authenticating Vendia Share Requests Using SAML Learn how to use existing SAML identity providers to work with Vendia Share
Toward a Distributed Application Maturity Model A Maturity Model to help you assess the strengths and weaknesses of the distributed applications used by your organization.
Vendia's Inspiring Vision Vendia will cause a paradigm shift that will impact many distributed solutions, which is what attracted me to join the team.
STAMTI: A New Model for Delivering Cloud-based Services In this post learn more about STAMTI (single-tenanted accounts on multi-tenanted infrastructure) and how it enables companies like Vendia to deliver services that are simultaneously easy for customers to adopt and use while still being secure, operationally isolated, and cost efficient.