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Sharing can be difficult

Data silos are pervasive within companies, and sharing data in real time with external partners is even more difficult. Data produced by web, IoT, edge, and mobile applications are dispersed and unavailable for use with AI/ML and Analytics services. Parties may not have access to all data, may have an inconsistent view of the data, or lack trust over the data on hand.

The Vendia Share Solution

With Vendia Share, customers can easily connect and share data with internal or external partners from any cloud or on-prem data stores to AWS without worrying about setting up and managing infrastructure. Vendia Share is a fully managed, cloud based, serverless, distributed application platform to share code and data in real time.

Vendia Share on AWS

Vendia Share on AWS gives customers the freedom to build solutions with partners regardless of their geography, technology preferences, or technical capabilities. With Vendia Share, customers can bring data to AWS on the native services like Amazon S3 to leverage powerful tools like Amazon SageMaker and Amazon Athena. Applications built on Share can quickly be deployed to multiple AWS Regions and Accounts, while using the data and code on other clouds or on-prem with no additional heavy lifting. A no-code GraphQL API, generated from the customers’ data model, allows for rapid application development on top of a highly-distributed, managed, and serverless AWS platform.

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